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Our Customers

RGB serves a wide scope of IT partners such as freelance consultants, resellers, service centers, solution providers and (independent) distributors around the globe.

Zero risk policy
Our products are always guaranteed to be new retail sealed products, with full manufacturer warranty and suitable for warranty expansions for extra security! We believe that our zero risk policy and triple quality inspections protect the integrity of our customers and is the key to our success as an independent distributor. As such we are very proud to announce that over 70% of our yearly growth for the last 5 years has come directly from recurring business!

Customer references
We strongly believe that a good customer reference is an excellent way to truly give potential customers a good and trustworthy insight on our added value and zero risk policy directly from existing satisfied customers. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Our products and services
We offers server, computing, networking and power products from Lenovo, IBM, HP, Cisco, APC and other customer requested brands. RGB also offers a wide variety of services such as (pre)configurations, spare parts, qualified IT outsourcing and even optional shipping of completely configured 42 inch racks to supplement any need. Please view our products and services information for more details.

What pricing-level can our customers expect?
As an independent distributor supplementing mainstream channels our focus lies on delivering current products and services at very competitive prices without risks or concessions. In addition we can also communicate dual pricing for products where a longer lead-time guarantees an even sharper price to ensure that our customers can choose their competitive edge in price and/or delivery time when facing their competitors.

Free technical server configurations advice
We offer technical server configurations fully free of charge to all our customers! Feel free to use this service as a second opinion or even your prime technical information source.

Reduce delivery times with weeks
Well know terms such as “2 weeks delivery expectation” or “10 days back-to-back” are standard market expectations that often can even run up to several weeks. RGB maintains a standard delivery time of 2-4 days for 95% of all our shipments! If needed we can even deploy rapid couriers to reduce delivery times even further.

Experience and empathy
All our employees are fully trained professionals and have either at one point worked for or with resellers and/or distributors during their careers. For any challenge we have a similar business case and most important: various solutions! We know your business, your customers, your market and your challenges like no other, that is why we believe in the strength of partnership to tackle challenges together.

Purchase outsourcing and fees
RGB offers outsourcing for consultants and small/midsize resellers so that they can focus on their core business and still offer their customers a one-stop-shop without concessions in quality. Please contact our sales department for more information.




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